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Pakistan Pavilion – Expo 2020 Dubai


The Pakistan Pavilion in Dubai Expo 2020 that held in (Oct 1st’ 2021 — 31 March’2022) at Dubai EXPO Centre is in the Opportunity District and in the most prime space,

The Pavilion covers an area of 35,000 sq ft and is one of the bigger pavilions of Expo 2020. This is also the largest-ever Pavilion of Pakistan, outside of the country and with the theme of “Pakistan: The Hidden Treasure”. It will showcase the enormous treasures in tourism, commerce and investment that are waiting to be discovered and benefited by the world.

Once we walked in the Pakistan Pavilion, it offered a digitally engaging experience of Pakistan starting from the world’s earliest recorded civilization dating 7,000 years ago to the modern era.

In 30 minutes of this walk through we experienced, mesmerized and touched by the hidden treasures that we never knew were in Pakistan. Be it in tourism, commerce or investment.

CEO Mr. Ismail Shah & Project Manager Ms. Yumna Ishtiaq  along with Eziline Team had a privilege to witnessed the most beautiful pavilion of Country with full Pride.

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