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About Flash

Custom Designed Flash Animations, Intro & Banners:

Flash animations are great when done right to draw attention to a specific product or service(flash banners), lead your potential client to contact you, or just to persuade them with liveliness to continue into your web site (flash intro). Flash design can be used to create moving elements, which are then embedded within your Web site to add an edge to the overall image and effectiveness of your design and message. A flash header or flash based menu gives a professional and interactive feel to your web site without distracting your site visitor. Flash can also be used to build an entire website. Our flash animation developers are expert in transforming your ideas and visions to a lively creative reality manifasted through your website. Though full flash websites are not great for search engines, when SEO is not a concern such a website could impress a visitor much more than standard html bases web sites. And now you can provide dynamic interactivity through the use of action scripts.


Even content management system (CMS) for a full flash website is not impossible now. QC can use php as server side language, mysql as database and provide a graphical WHYSIWYG back end (CMS) to manage the contents of your full flash website! In recent days QC has completed several Flash CMS projects that deploys this technique to manage the contents of a FULL flash website from a graphical back end developed with php/mysql and XML.


Flash template customization:

  • Change template color scheme of flash template provided
  • Insert custom images
  • Change background and texts
  • Customize navigation menu and buttons
  • Insert your logo
  • Insert and create content pages
  • Modifications of animations
  • Give you complete production level web site

Online Product Demos or Flash Manuals:

Show your products in a lively animated
way to the visitors with the power of Flash. Flash can be the perfect
sales team for you- 24/7 productivity, no salary required. Online
product demos and interactive sales brochures are the ideal way to
provide specific details and information about your products and
services in a low-tension manner. Web site visitors are more inclined
to learn about your organizations products or services if they are not
required to talk to a sales person straight away or leave their name
and email address. Likewise, Flash multimedia product or training
manuals can be invaluable, more flexible and very cost effective versus
traditional video training. An animated sequence on the screen
combined with a professional script and voice makes for a powerful and
simple presentation that is both enjoyable to watch and informative.
Get them excited about your product and services just as you are
getting excited about creating an online product demo right now. An
online Flash based prdocut demo can also act very effectively as


To fly along with this technological age, why not use a digital brochure to describe, explain, and promote your products and services?

  • Fill up your CD brochure with as much information with stunning graphics and animation as possible. Our expert animation artists are here to ensure that your CD brochure will be something your clients will collect and preserve.
  • Show your entire product line and service categories.
  • Let us make a live video clip of your outlet and show your clients what they are missing.
  • Send this brochure abroad. If you import products, the CD brochures are bound to increase your sales by 20 to 30 percent.
  • CD brochures will not only show your products but will describe your company history and objectives. How better to improve your images?
  • Most of all you will stand out as different, efficient, and technology oriented among your competitors.

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