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Client Testimonials

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clientAs a new media company, we manage challenging and cutting-edge web projects both for our own needs and for our clients. Throughout our multiple developments with Eziline, they have continued to produce superior work at extremely competitive rates. In response to our first RFP, we were immediately impressed as Eziline promptly provided a detailed project needs analysis with a proposed cost and timeline for our project. The detail and quality of this document and all subsequent correspondence was easily comparable to what we have received in working with US companies. Their professional approach to both web development and project management has greatly streamlined the efforts that are usually required in micromanaging other offshore companies.  Correspondence is made especially easy due to their provision of a project/ticket tracking interface, as well as their complete fluency in English.  Our company has been offshoring web development work for over seven years now, and had been constantly searching for the company that was not only cost-effective, but also competent, trustworthy, and diligent. We have finally found this in Eziline and only wish we had found them sooner. We recommend this company without hesitation.


Donald J Valaris

Managing Director

Blue Wind Solutions

Jacksonville, FL (USA)


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clientOur site is about 200 pages with numerous templates and a 4-level navigation system. If you haven’t seen our site, please take a look– www.activclassroom.com. We think Eziline did a wonderful job on the site. I recommend them highly for off-shore web programming. They are completely trustworthy and fluent in English. Eziline will save you somewhere between 50% and 75% compared to assigning the job to a US-based web agency.

We continue to use Eziline for site maintenance… although we make simple content changes ourselves through the back-end administration site they provided.”

Carl Christenson

Director of Marketing

Logical Choice Technologies (USA)

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clientIt was a pleasure working with Eziline through development of my company website. Eziline consistently met and exceeded my expectations in their professionalism and the quality of their deliverables. They were very clear on my requirements and objectives from the outset, and built up the website through a series of well-managed iterative refinements. Their secure test platform allowed me to keep abreast of development in real-time and provide feedback which was immediately incorporated back into the evolving site. The entire development cycle adhered to the tight schedule that was initially proposed. There was no schedule slippage, and Eziline sustained a high level of energy and responsiveness throughout the project. The website itself incorporates the very latest dynamic content management components, and it is all working flawlessly. My hat’s off to Eziline for a terrific job on our website. I am completely satisfied in my experience with them, and would have no hesitation in recommending them for web development to my clients and professional colleagues.

Alex Rush

Partner, ExperShare, LLC (USA)


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clientIt was for us the first time we ever outsourced a service to an overseas
company, let alone having a company in Bangladesh develop our website. Since
the design was done in house, we approached them with a request for a quote
based on our specifications. Their professional approach in this intake step
gained our confidence and made them stand out among their competitors. The
bulk of the work was done at a surprisingly speed with the issue tracker
enabling communication and keeping track professionally of all requests that
arose during the process. Answers were given promptly and so were the
implementations. The result is a website with a benefit – cost ratio that is
unmatched in New Zealand.

Debra Aurich

Consultant at Igniter Limited

Wellington, New Zealand

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clientWhy we outsourced to “Eziline” in Bangladesh from Canada instead of India, not only because of their expertise or price but especially because of their Quality of Service (QOS). They have made our professional grade adult dating website www.tricityhorny friends.com and responded our every query in fast professional and efficient manner and guided us from start to finish.

Tariq Nadeem (CANADA)

Owner, www.tricityhornyfriends.com

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client“Having worked with several webpage designers and been disappointed in the past, I decided to do them myself and avoid the hassle. With the terrific prices offered by Eziline I went against my instincts and gave them a try. 5 website makeovers later I no longer think about building them myself!! Thanks Eziline!!”

Tom Kotsiopoulos

Member: American Astronomical Society,

Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists,
Astronomical Society

of the Pacific, Society of Applied Spectroscopy


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clientWe have worked with Eziline on multiple projects and have always been pleased with their reactivity and their professionalism, especially for Joomla template creations. Eziline’s team of professionals are serious and reliable. They have been able to finish our projects under tight deadlines, with patience and attention to details. We continue to outsource projects to Eziline for those reasons.

Alistair Stiegmann

Creative Visionary : Subtract (France)

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clientAfter years of struggling with passive aggressive web designers who cost a fortune and couldnt be found or who high jacked my site, disabling it and changing it so often I never understood what it was, I went online and discovered Eziline. im in the US and they’re in Bangladesh. I had nothing to lose. They’ve been magnificent. They are easy to reach, they work quickly and they are affordable. keep sending those jobs off-shore!

Tonya Pinkins (USA)

‘One of ten women in America who will take your breathe away’ OPRAH


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clientPlease accept this correspondence as acknowledgement of the critical and creative input that Eziline has brought to bear in the development of the DSI website.

Your corporate and personal attention to detail has made our interaction with Eziline a unique experience. The Eziline approach to client relations has shown an unusual willingness to educate and assist novice web-users in maximising the potential of the products you offer.


We recognise that without the expertise of Eziline by our side the DSI site would be much less than it is today.


DSI searched the market in Dhaka for quality talent to help develop our website. Our choice of working with your organisation was not only cost-effective , but simply said . it was the right decision.



W. Andrew Roberts

Director/Decision Support International

2 Havelock Road #04-08, Apollo Centre, Singapore 059763

tel: +880 173 037 537 fax: +880 2 988 1787



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clientHighly recommend Quantuncloud for your web design needs.

Considering our previous experience outsourcing we did not expect all that much.  However,  from the start Eziline turned out highly professional quality work along with a positive attitude that never slacked. Dealing with Eziline personal is a pleasure.  Obviously very experienced people who make a real to understand your needs and your desires.  Where we expected the absolute minimum amount of work, they actually put in the time and created breathtaking designs. Their solutions to our few problems were simple and effective.  First five things that come to my mind when thinking of Eziline are Creative, Reliable,  Effective, Fast,  Magnificent.

Dave Gurv

Insta Builder Group, LLC (USA)


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clientAs a small UK based design agency I have been working with Eziline for the last two years. They have always produced outstanding work, meeting our deadlines and have done their utmost to accommodate our clients changing needs. They have always been helpful, fast to respond to us and provide excellent support services. I can whole-heartedly recommend Eziline’s services and for my company they are the only outsourcing solution we use.




Bensys Ltd. (UK)

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clientI have used Quatumcloud on a number of projects from full site developments to small scripting components. Each time they have provided a great level of customer service and delivered an end product that was both on time and exacting to my specifications.

Richard Middleton

Envisage Media (Germany)

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clientEziline was able to design a website ideally suited to our budget and needs . After just a few emails, they came up with a great web design that has a clean and fresh image with the flexibility to allow the site to grow. The entire Eziline is professional and efficient and always on hand to offer help and support when needed. Although we are a few thousand miles away, we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Ezra Ezekiel

instantmentor.com (UK)

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clientMy experiences with Jamil and Eziline have been quite good since our first contact well over a year ago.

My name is Jeff Engel. I’m a Chicago-based Advertising Art Director that works at a leading global ad agency. My 20 years experience involved in Graphic Design and the fast-paced world of American Design & Advertising makes me a very particular client when it comes to web-based services.

I contacted Eziline after several unsuccessful and dissapointing dealings with both American and OffShore web developers. Since then, I’ve never had the need to go anywhere else. Jamil, my contact has provided quick turnaround and amazing production detail to provide the best possible web solutions.

I appreciate the fast responses, reasonable fees and dedication they have offered. I look forward to a great future business relationship.

Jeff Engel

Illinois, USA

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client If you’re thinking about using Eziline, I highly recommend it. Their quotes are very reasonable. Their response time and customer service is excellent. I’ve used them on several projects and I’m very pleased. I will use them again.

Joe Frattura

http://www.italianiSingles.com (USA)

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“Eziline provided a complete graphical redesign of my website. They provided several different ideas and were easy to work with. The end result was a table-less CSS design which conforms to XHTML Transitional 1.0. The page loads fast and looks very professional. I plan to use Eziline in the future for my web design needs.

Brian Egge


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clientWe are in web hosting business have worked with many different offshore web development companies in the past. But would just like to say that the people at Eziline are the best! Extremely professional yet very personable! Very clean and scalable work and always right on time! Since we started working with them, never had to use another development company for any of our web design needs.

Jeffrey Blum

Vice President
Global Visions, Inc. (USA)



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clientEziline is absolutely the best, their vary reliable and always on time. ”

William alkins (USA)


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client“Just recently Jamil and the team at Eziline completed a redesign of my website (Liquidtravel.org). This was a great experience. I have worked with many development teams both in the US and India and I have never had anything go so smoothly. I was always kept in the loop and there were NO surprises at all. The design was created and implemented without fuss. All my questions were answers usually in less than a few hours. I had the feeling they never left the office.

What I liked most was they did not nickel and dime me to death. They told me their rate and that was it. If I needed a change, they were upfront and told me what the extra fee would be before the work was begun.

I cannot recommend them more. I will definitely be contacted them again when I need additional work completed.


Layne Hedrick

Liquidtravel.org (USA)

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client“This is to certify that Eziline has provided web design services for our organization. We would like to thank the entire design & development team of Eziline for doing a good design on our site. We really do appreciate their professionalism for timely submission, reasonable price and quality of work.

We wish Eziline all the best & success in their future activities.”


Designation: DIRECTOR

Company Name: EZZY COMMUNICATIONS (Bangladesh)

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client“Eziline does excellent work. My company is based in the United States, and my biggest concerns about outsourcing have traditionally been (a) on-time delivery and (b) quality of service. Eziline has consistently met my highest expectations in both areas. In addition, they are courteous, professional, and respond to queries rapidly. For these reasons, I use their services time and time again!”

Erik Passoja

President, Seventh Planet, Inc. (USA)

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client“I would like to recommend the services of Quantum.Cloud for anyone wishing for an outstanding web presence. Their customer service, and attention to detail, all delivered with exceptionally courteous and professional manner is refreshing. I have already referred several friends who are beginning to establish businesses and are seeking to create a web based identity to Quantum.Cloud as a result. Thank you Quantum.Cloud for your help!”


Devlin Crose

Alpine Insurance Agency


15395 SE 30th PL. Suite 210 Bellevue, WA 98007

phone. 425.274.1074 f. 425.274.1081

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client“I have used Jamil and Eziline for a few projects over the last couple of years. Some of them simple and some complex. He has always come through in a most professional manner. The work he does is great and the price is reasonable. If he says he can do something, you can take it to the bank that it will get done right and on time.”

Mike Muphy

www.mmurphy.com (USA)

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client“I have had the opportunity to work with Jamil and Eziline for almost a year now, and I have been extremely pleased with their services. I came from Corporate America and had my reservations about offshoring work, but my experience with Eziline has been wonderful and rewarding.

Being a web/database developer myself, I am very critical of one’s workmanship when it comes to this area. My clients have been very pleased, and so have I, with the quality of work that Eziline produces. As far as technical skills, communication, and delivery time; I will give them a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. To get the same quality of work here in my area, NC, it would cost 3 times more. I would highly recommend Eziline to anyone considering them for development work. “

Best Regards,

Rex L. Wills

Hi-Tek Solutions (USA)

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client“After an extensive search of literally hundreds of web designers, one that stood out from the rest from the beginning was Eziline. We had a web site for many years but had always felt that it was lacking something; no one that we had ever worked with could seam to capture the look, style and feel that we had imagined. Through our web site we wanted the clients first impression to be the feeling that this was a company worth looking into. From the first communications with Eziline I knew this was the company that could create that feeling and there quick response to all my questions and concerns was the type of service that I was looking for. As the site started to come alive, I felt as if we were in the same office working together, if I had any questions or changes, they were answered and the changes were made right away. As the site was being finished I felt very proud of what they had created and could not wait to show it off to the world. Since the launch of the new web site we have had countless comments including some that say it is one of the most classy and functional sites that they have ever seen. I would never work with any one other that Eziline and actually feel anxious to recommend them to everyone I meet.”

Danny Mellen

Hammers For Hire Design/Build Remodeling

www.hammersforhire.com (USA)

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clientAt this point, I am a one-person shop in the US with next-to-zero experience
in technology. I consider Eziline a partner–and one of the highest
caliber. I worked with six webmasters before finding Eziline, and I had
come to believe that as a collective, they were incompetent and
inconsiderate. Not only did I not get my work on time, it was misunderstood,
delivered inaccurately–and I was blamed for being frustrated. Eziline
has set the standard. From my very first interaction with them, they have
been prompt in replying to all requests, and have done so with exemplary
professionalism. Every project has been completed quickly and precisely. The
bottom line is, I *rely* on Eziline. I know that if I need something,
they’ll come through for me–every time. I have told many small businesses
about Eziline and will continue to do so. No one beats their ethics,
integrity, professionalism, courtesy–and extremely competitive rates. What
does any business want from their vendors? Excellence. Eziline could
(and, quite frankly, should) write the book on it. “


Lizabeth Phelps

Inspired Leadership Training

New Jersey (USA)

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clientI have had many websites built for me over the years. Often they require hours and hours of collaboration which entails travel and various methods of communication. The utilization of the system that Eziline employs makes the other methods outdated.

Jamil and his team put a test site together that was remarkable, quick and exact. They were very responsive and understood all aspects of our communication.

I would be happy to recommend Eziline for your next site.”

Desmond Regier

Verico Mortgage Options Ltc



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clientWhen searching for a web design company, we had several bids on the table. After reviewing Eziline’s proposal, our company was very pleased with the professionalism and
details of all answers to our questions. All contact was through written
correspondence and Eziline completed the project with all expectations. Never was there a
time where we wondered that our decision was incorrect. All aspects of the replies
given and received were logged in and could be reviewed at any time. Upon completion
of our project, we were more than satisfied with the performance and accuracy
included in the original proposal. Eziline demanded perfection and that is what was
delivered. We would definitely recommend their service to others and will use them
again with any other projects we may develop.

Thank you!”

whats5bucks.net (USA)

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Thank you! You guys did an excellent JOB and will be the first person I come to when I need additional work in the future. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Thank You!”

Sundy Aimee Visbal

Viscorp, Inc.(USA)

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Quamtumcloud did a superior job managing our complex requirements and delivering a solution. We have received a near-100% approval rating from visitors to our site. We would happily recommend Quantum to potential clients interested in web services such as design, website, flash. Jamil provided a superb level of expertise and response. This is a world-class design firm, in my opinion.”

Stefan Bund

CEO, Next Acropolis, LLC


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Client testimonials


** Please note: we respect our clients’ privacy. If you would like to contact any of our clients regarding our services, let us know first and we will seek their permission to be contacted by you.



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