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Corporate Identity

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Corporate Identity


Corporate Identity is a strong concept that builds the image of the company. It creates branding value to the company and its products. It includes designing of complete collaterals such as unique Logo, Tagline, Brochure, Website, Presentation,Letterheads, Envelopes, Business cards etc. that will create a special mindspace and marketspace for the company and its products.

A strong corporate identity reinforces brand recognition among your target audience. Get the same proven marketing results the biggest enterprises get. With our help, your brand will get recognized – guaranteed.

What is corporate identity? Corporate identity is the pieces, aspects, ideas, methods and techniques a company uses to differentiate itself from the rest. When a brand is associated with a color, a combination of colors, shapes, pictures, phrases, music, etc. a corporate identity plan has been carried out. It’s proven that a company that has a consistent corporate identity is taken much more seriously than those that don’t.

Our proposals for your corporate identity design project

We offer three packages to meet most needs. Please contact us if you have any doubt about which one is the best for you.Our plans are flexible, please contact us if you need to add or remove pieces from a specific plan.

Personal Corporate Id Design

Logo, 2 Business Cards, Envelope, Letterhead

4 initial concepts

Up to 4 revision rounds

Total cost: $589

Standard Corporate Id Design

Logo, 2 Business Cards, Envelope, Letterhead

6 initial concepts

Unlimited revision rounds

Total cost: $699

Enterprise Corporate Id Design

Logo, 5 Business Cards, Envelope, Letterhead, HTML e-mail Template, Presentation Folder, Powerpoint Template

8 initial concepts

Unlimited revision rounds

Total cost: $1,099

Why hire us to develop your corporate identity?

Large variety of styles. We can design corporate identities that are clean, simple and modern, or corporate identities that include complex, high-detail, elaborated pieces.

First concepts in 2 business days. Urgent service also available at your request.

We assign different designers to your project in order to increase the variety of styles and to obtain faster response times during all the design process.

Much lower costs than other design firms. We strive to obtain the highest value for your budget.

We offer many initial concepts and many revisions rounds (unlimited in our standard & enterprise packages) for you to get the best corporate identity.

High quality deliverables. We deliver the source files of all the pieces that constitute your corporate identity in industry-standard files that can be taken to any commercial printer.

Logo manual. We also deliver our exclusive logo manual, with the graphic design guidelines of your logo and suggestions for reinforcing your brand.

Friendly service. We make the corporate identity design process a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Check a sample logo manual here.

How do other companies doing corporate identity design on the Internet compare to LOG?

They are not design studios. The large majority of our competitors are not design studios, but marketing companies hiring overseas designers through the Internet. We are a REAL design studio firm capable of taking any graphic design project with the highest professionalism and, most importantly, love for what we do.

Limited entry-level packages. The competitions’ entry-level packages are usually economical, but they are very limited in terms of concepts and revisions. Watch out for extra charges if you need an extra revision!

Expensive high-quality packages. For the same features you can find in LOG’s entry-level plans, the competition charges much more!

Outsourced work. While the competition hires overseas designers (think about problems with copyrights, different cultures, impossibility of making contact with the real design staff, different timezones), all our designers are part of a stable team of professionals you can rely on.

They only focus on logos or other specific pieces and not on the entire corporate identity process.

The process of developing your corporate identity

The development of a corporate identity project always starts with the design of a logotype: the most representative element of a company. Its shapes, colors, fonts, look and feel will be transported to the other pieces that will constitute your corporate identity. That is, the other design pieces that make up your company’s corporate identity will be developed to match this logo.

Once the logo design process ends, we deliver a logo manual: a small handbook with the general design guidelines that we suggest for your brand. Then we continue to develop the simplest pieces: business cards, envelopes, etc. This way we make sure you are satisfied with the logo before we use it to create the rest of the corporate identity package.

When these pieces are finished, we continue with the more complex ones: brochures, booklets, catalogs, etc.

The idea of this process is that, when viewers look at any of these pieces, they immediately associate them with your brand.

Next step

You are ready to start your corporate identity project

Click on the button below and you will be taken to an online questionnaire which will give us the information to prepare our proposal.

Personal Corporate Id Design
Cost: $589

Standard Corporate Id Design
Cost: $699

Enterprise Corporate Id Design
Cost: $1,099

You have some doubts and you would like to contact someone at LOG

Please contact our sales managers: they will be willing to help you with any question you have about the development of your corporate identity.

Click here to contact one of our sales representatives.

We recommend that you read the FAQ section, from which you can learn our security policies, commercial terms, methods of payment, guarantee, etc.

Click here to go to the FAQ section.

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