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The Bliss of Sailing amidst the Clouds…
The Joy of Relaxing on the Moon…
That’s what viewers associate Dreamworks Production House with!!


That’s how their logo is presented through animation.

Logo animations help companies establish a long lasting visual impact on the target audience. When the logo is animated it brings out the unique image of the organization.

Don’t you think you need a striking way of presenting your brand in a way which your target audience can recognize, recall and associate themselves?


If you are thinking, why Animated Logos, we would like to present you with some of the facts…


Movie Production Companies

As a movie producer you enjoy the attention of captivated audience. So this is the best opportunity for you to make a long lasting visual impact on your viewers about your production house. The way your logo is animated is representative of the kind of the movie your banner will produce. After all, your company logo is the first thing that a viewer will watch on entering the theatre. The importance of turning the first impression into best impression is needless to say.


Television Serial Producers

Television serial production is an ongoing process. There are some production companies whose serials are worshipped by the drawing room audience. Just the brand name of the production company will make the viewers watch all their serials. Though it is not a good idea to highlight the name of your company very often, your animated logo which welcomes your viewers at the beginning or at the end of the serial can do the job for you.



Your advertisements in the visual media, your presentations to your customers and investors, your websites: these are just some of the occasions where you will need logo animations that speak about your values, your identity and your image. Some product logos are so popular that the consumers identify the brand as soon as they see them on the screen. Let your logo animations become your brand signature and impress your target group.

Logo animations can be used in exhibitions; events, seminars, launches, large display screens at shopping complexes etc.


It is important that a logo animation should be able to establish “RECALL VALUE”.  A carefully planned and well designed logo animation brings out the image of your company and puts your hidden message and meaning across leaving your brand etched in the minds of those who watch it.

The logo and the animation should go hand in hand so as to communicate your image and values persuasively. Understanding the philosophy behind the logo and producing the animation accordingly needs skill, expertise and deep comprehension of branding.

Now you have spotted the right company, EziLine, who, because of their rich and diverse experience can understand your vision just as well as you do.


How can you gain through EziLine?

The team of EziLine’s artistic illustrators, designers and animators understands the philosophy behind your logo, plan and visualize new methods of presentation using unique concepts, ideas and effects, to bring out the best visual meaning to it.


EziLine is equipped with modern infrastructure comprising of:


EziLine animates your logos to bring out the special meaning in them, resulting in a unique visual identity that lasts for ever.


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