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Office 304-B Amna Plaza Near Radio Pakistan Peshawar Road Rawalpindi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Registration Fee ?

We charge 2000Pkr for 1 Year Exp & 10k Pkr For Beginer.

Registration Kit Includes

  1. Staff Card
  2. Social Media Digital Marketing Profiles
  3. System Profile ID Registration
  4. Startup Marketing One Day Training
  5. Eziline Gift Hamper
  6. Eziline Soft Product Soft Copies

Payment is not refundable after Registration

How could i Earn After Joining this system ?

Well, We have a well-designed software for Calculation of Sales via Points System.

Every Single Rupee increases your Points and your designations as well your earning will be increased day by day.

This is a free lancer-based Earning system, No fixed salary, unlimited Life Time  Earning for all members are according to fee collection funds in the respective month.

What will be my Designation on Joining ?

Once Joined we Assign a designation and which may be Upgraded as per Sales Points Collected.

We have the Following Ranks

  1. Sales Executive
  2. Sales Officer
  3. Coordinator
  4. Manager
  5. Senior Manager
  6. Director
  7. Senior Director
  8. Ambassador
  9. Royal Ambassador


All ranks achieved as per Points collected on sales and all Ranks gives a Gifts e.g Laptop to Villa  subjected to Terms and conditions

I have to Attend Office daily for work ?

The Good News is NO….. . Its a very handsome smart system in which you may work any part of the world without any time and location restriction

You have to Visit for Training or Attend Virtually via Webinars as That Training also gives Points values which result in Attractive Gifts.

Is it Possible to get a Salary along with Bonus,s

Yes, You may be hired as per your wish but the Salary total Depends on Your Marketing and Sales objectives which must be completed each month. Salary Amount Totaly depends on your Respective month Progress

One Month Unpaid Probation Period is necessary for Training and Pre-Joining Sales and marketing

What is security of my Funds ?

Your Funds are withdrawable after 1000Pkr Minimum Commission. One little higher position you will Health Insurance as well a complete Leisure life achievements Gifts and Rewards

What Is the Minimal Criteria to become a Marketing Staff Member ?

  1. You must be equipped with Your own Laptop for presentation and Demos to visit Clients
  2.  Dress regulation is Required for all male/Females with Eziline tag cards before visit any institution
  3. Must be a Graduate from recognized universities or matric/FA.FSc with 5 years of marketing experience.
  4. The Maximum Age Limit is 45years.
  5. To be fluent in English and Urdu.
  6. Must have computer basic skills and Marketing Experience.
  7. Have social Influence in the targeted district and Province.
  8. Have own conveyance for traveling.
  9. Can manage own office or Facilitation center at home or at commercial points, with pc and internet facility.
Monthly Earning
$10k +
If you refer a client having Monthly invoices recurring e.g School Management system, it will give you a bonus every month like salary, This handsome way of earning don,t require your hard work again and again. A single Client may Generate every Month salary
Every Day
Earn on every fresh sale with a handsome amount of percentage on our Professional made products and add up your points with us for Life-changing rewards. The Point system is fully trackable from your profile with complete control on Referlist
Custom Service
Every Day
If you have clients who want to discuss a project and want a custom-made solution let them refer to us we will meet and greet you to finalize your deals and you will get a handsome amount of percentage along with Rewards on Target achievements.
Quick Sale
Every Day
In case You do not want to join our Marketing System you may just deal with a single client on your own terms and earn as per agreed terms. We respect your hard work and still we would like to add up on management system to Execute the project successfully
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