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Software Technology


Software Technology is a specialization offered by the Master’s programme in Computer Science at the University of Twente. If you are fascinated by the development of high-end software without any restrictions as to the application domain, then this programme is for you. Also have a look at the experiences of Ruxandra, one of our students.

  • The application costs of development, up gradation, enhancements, servers, 3rd party software tools and maintenance, etc. are spread over a number of clients
  • Immediate and speedy implementation with little or no software project experience, no hardware or software to buy, without maintenance hassles
  • Clients can focus on their core business and strategic issues; whereas FSL’s highly skilled workforce and expertise shall keep it up to date, focusing on reliability, scalability, security, and integration with other tools & services
  • Friendly GUI – n-tier, open architecture, flexible, and comprehensive. Provides with a strong security system
  • The model is normally run on web-servers and is accessed via Internet, making it available 24×7,
    anytime, anywhere, and supports spread staff over geo-locations
  • Modular, Customizable, and Scalable – Available with used preferred components to meet different budgets
  • Provide MIS in structured form so as to enable strategy formulation and decision-making. Report exporting, printing and emailing facility
  • Cutting edge and future proof technologies making a seamless transition to constantly emerging trends and advancements in technologies
  • Risk of software project failure is minimized – the annual revenue model guarantees a certain level of service at a predetermined fixed cost