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Virtual reality

How About…

Taking Thousands of Potential Customers through Your Apartment…
Allowing Buyers to have a Feel of the Product without the Physical Product…
Training a Pilot without any Risk…

The answer to all these is a New Age Technology – Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is a three dimensional environment produced by a computer.


What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology, which allows a user to interact with a computer-simulated environment, be it a real or imagined one. Current virtual reality environments are primarily visual experiences, displayed on the screen.

Objects in virtual reality seem to have height, length and width. We can pick them up and turn them around. We can see, hear and feel things that exist in virtual world.

Why should I use VR?

If you still feel that you don’t benefit through VR let us explain with more details. If you are a…


Manufacturing Company

All of us agree that everybody expects best value for the money they spend on any goods. So consumers expect to have a complete feel and understanding of the product before they buy it. As a manufacturer you might be apprehensive about the safety of your product. It might get spoilt when a large number of people try to handle it.

Using advanced softwares, EziLine can easily simulate your products into VR experience. Your marketing team can carry it with easy and display it during presentation. The product can also be displayed in your website. It can be handled – turned around, opened – just by a click of mouse. Your consumers will have the experience of nothing less than using the actual product without physically touching it.



A home is not just a building made up of bricks and stones. Families have emotional attachment to their houses. They would have saved the money curtailing most of their needs and sacrificing many wishes to live happily under their own roof. So would they not like to examine the house – inch by inch – they are intending to buy? But is it possible for you take thousands of your potential buyers to see the apartments?

VR allows you to present your apartment to your prospective customers with all its facilities and attractions. VR can be so natural that just by few mouse clicks the viewers will feel they are going inside the house and can sense every nook and corner of the house. A 360 degree effect can be given to the VR which gives your viewers a realistic experience of actually being inside the house.



What if you have to provide pilot training? Think of the expenses, the time and effort, more than anything the risk involved in such kind of training if the person is actually to be trained in an aeroplane?

VR provides real time interactive graphics with three dimensional models, combined with display technology that gives the user immersion in the model world and direct manipulation of that world. VR is safe. It can neither hurt the user nor be damaged by him. Therefore it can be used in training situations where not even a single mistake can be tolerated.


How EziLine can help you with Virtual Reality?

EziLine’s mission is to demonstrate advanced visualization and simulation. VR produced by EziLine’s team provides users with a never before experience of seeing, touching and interacting with the products in the virtual environment.


Benefits of EziLine VR


VR is a new age communication tool. Along with the skill, experience and innovativeness, EziLine is equipped with modern infrastructure to produce the best VR experience.


EziLine’s Infrastructure includes:

Virtual reality solutions produced by EziLine
navigate the audience to move in the virtually created environment and allow them to touch and interact with various objects.

EziLine is committed to deliver Advanced Virtual Reality Solutions
to give users most realistic experience.


Call us today for…
Impressive Virtual Reality Solutions which challenges Reality!!!


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